High Island Geo Trail

Geo Trail at East Dam, High Island Reservoir 萬宜地質步道
Geo Trail at East Dam (Photo by Sunny Leung)

High Island Geo Trail is a well-known bypass near the end of Maclehose Trail 1, where hikers can experience the wonders of nature about 140 million years ago.

Volcanic activities left thousands of world-class hexagonal rock columns, sea caves and cut-away islands in east Sai Kung.

The geological feature here is unique in China and indeed the world, thus it became a National Geopark in October 2009.

How to Get There:

MTR Diamond Hill Station -> Bus 96R (Sundays and Public Holidays only) -> Get off at Sheung Yiu Station -> Follow the road on Maclehose Trail Stage 1 towards East Dam

Chinese Translation:

High Island Geo Trail:萬宜地質步道
Sea Caves:海蝕洞
Sheung Yiu:上窰
East Dam:東壩

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