Fog in Spring

Fog in Spring (Lohas Park seen from Lei Yue Mun) 香港春霧 (從鯉魚門看日出康城)
Lohas Park seen from Lei Yue Mun (Photo by @Eva_va_va)

In spring, Hong Kong is quite humid. At this time of year, cold air from north gradually recedes and warm air comes in from the sea. However, water near the coast is still very cold, which cools down the air near the ground. Water vapor may condense into tiny water droplets and reduce the visibility near the horizon. We call it fog.

Average Number of Days with Fog in Hong Kong 1961-1990 由1961-1990在香港有霧日數的月平均數紀錄
Average Number of Days with Fog in Hong Kong 1961-1990 (Pic from Hong Kong Observatory)

Fog is quite common between February to April in Hong Kong. Sometimes people are fortunate to see the “fairyland” formed by highrise buildings and the fog. Lugard Road near the Peak is a very popular place to see such natural phenomenon. Moreover, on mountains above 800m, hikers can see the stunning scene of cloud sea if they are lucky.

Fog at Hong Kong Island seen from Lugard Road 山頂盧吉道之霧
Fog at Hong Kong Island (Photo by Mr. Yiu)

However, economically, dense fog in Hong Kong has led to marine accidents and aircraft delays, resulting in casualties and traffic jams.

Another phenomenon which lowers the visibility in Hong Kong is called haze. In dry conditions, dust particles suspended in the air is trapped and difficult to dispersed because the air near the ground is colder and denser than the air aloft, resulting in haze.

Chinese Translation

Lohas Park: 日出康城
Lei Yue Mun: 鯉魚門
Lugard Road: 盧吉道
The Peak: 山頂