Hsien Ku Fung

Hsien Ku Fung at Pak Sing Leng 八仙嶺何仙姑
Hsien Ku Fung (Photo by Chensong)

Hsien Ku Fung (仙姑峰) is at the east end of Pak Sin Leng mountain range and Wilson Trail Stage 9, and it is one of the best peaks to get a 360-degree view of the nature of northeast New Territories.

To the east is Plover Cove Reservoir, the first “reservoir in sea” over the world. Hikers can also see the Sharp Peak in Sai Kung when the sky is clear.

To the south is Tai Mei Tuk, one of the most beautiful rural villages in Hong Kong. The Plover Cove provides a perfect bay area for the Tai Mei Tuk Water Sports Center.

To the west is the stately Pak Sin Leng mountain range, consisting of 8 peaks, named after 8 immortals in Chinese mythology: Shun Yeung Fung (純陽峰), Chung Li Fung (鐘離峰), Kuai Li Fung (拐李峰), Kao Lao Fung (果老峰), Hsien Ku Fung (仙姑峰), Sheung Tsz Fung (湘子峰), Tsao Kau Fung (曹舅峰) and Choi Wo Fung (采和峰).

To the north is the Plover Cove Country Park, one of the most untouched areas in Hong Kong.

Start from Tai Mei Tuk, follow Pak Sin Leng Nature Trail and turn left when you see the Wilson Trail sign. Walk all the way up to Hsien Ku Fung. Most of the trail is covered by shade, so it is a popular trail in summer.


  1. Hi I’m here in hk and I want to climb in the mountain can you please send me a message if you cam recommend a mountaineer group for me, thank you and have a nice day

  2. Dear Chensong,

    What a GREAT website! We just love it and all the nice pictures.

    We are 3 Chinese born lady hikers living in Sweden today. We love hiking and have been around Europe and also HK for hiking in the past. Last time in HK it was 2 years ago and we did many hikes with meetup hikers. That was during the summer season and there were many more hikes available at meetup. Now we are going to HK on Saturday and we would like to chose the hikes we like instead of meetup limitations. We would like to go on this hike since we live near Tai Po. Have checked the info and just need confirmation that we are on the right track. HK is not our home so we want to be sure. Would you be able to confirm if the below is correct:

    – Take mtr from New Town Plaza to Tai Po mtr station
    – Take bus KMB: 75K Tai Po Market MTR Station – Tai Mei Tuk Bus Terminus or Green Mini Bus: 20C Tai Po Market MTR Station – Tai Mei Tuk Bus Terminus.
    – Walk towards Bride’s Pool for about 10 minutes uphill to reach entrance at the front of the road beside Tai Mei Tuk Country Park Management Centre. Below shows the link to the entrance?
    – Walk the Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail
    – Walk until we see Wilson Trail Stage 9 sign and we shall turn left to Wilson Trail. Do you know app how much of the 4 km Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail until we will see the sign and turn left?
    – Walk until we come up to Hsien Ku Fung, do you know how long this walk is about?

    Is it the same way back again or is there any other alternatives?

    Looking forward to your response.

    • Dear Ann, thank you for visiting my blog and I am glad you like it 🙂

      The routes you listed are correct. Honestly, I do not remember the time between point to point. Regarding the Wilson Trail 9 sign, it is quite important that you do not miss that. You can see the pic here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fx47c8dbf017y5y/pat-sin-leng.JPG?dl=0

      Make sure you turn left when you see the signposts in the pics when you are on Pat Sin Leng Nature Trial.

      You do not need to come back the same route. After you reach the top and walk past the 8 peaks of Pak Sin Leng and downhill, you can see Hok Tau Reservoir and there is mini bus there which can take you back to the MTR station 🙂

      You can see the full map of Wilson Trial Stage 9 here:

      Hope the above helps.