Ventilation Building of Kowloon Station

Ventilation Building of Kowloon Station (九龍站空調機樓)
Ventilation Building of Kowloon Station (Photo by Chensong)

The weird building looks like a transformer far away. When I first came across this weird building near West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, I thought it was the entrance of the undersea tunnel across the Victoria Harbor. But there was no traffic near the tunnel, so I know my answer was wrong.

Today, I finally found out that my answer was half correct. It is actually a ventilation building for the subway of Kowloon Station on Tung Chung Line! How cute it is! And it is not only built for ventilation and but also has other purposes:

1. It is a electricity sub station housing.

2. It cools down Kowloon Station by seawater.

3. It is acting as a train evacuation facility.

More details can be found out here.

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