Feng Shui of IFC

Feng Shui of IFC at Hong Kong
IFC (Photo by 00_deathscar)

Believe it or not, inside these most luxurious financial buildings are the most well-educated and smartest people in the world, but they are also the people believing in Feng Shui most deeply in the global Chinese society.

Every element of the construction and office layout was built with the best Feng Shui principles, which are supposed to affect the owner’s health, spirit and flow of wealth.

Take IFC for example, it was built very close to the Victoria Harbor and there is no obvious obstacles in the front. In Feng Shui, water represents wealth, thus, water in the harbor can flow into the building smoothly. The top of the building looks like a crown, representing its king status in the financial world. Other people say the roof also looks like dozens of fingers pointing at the sky, wanting to grab more money from the Heaven.


  1. IFC has really bad Feng Shui. It’s built on reclaimed land and disrupt the natural flow of chi. Whoever owns the building will have extreme bad luck…….see what has happened to the Kwoks.