Lantau Mountain Camp

Lantau Mountain Camp at Sunset Peak| 爛頭營 | 大東石室 | 大嶼山
Lantau Mountain Camp (Photo by Sunny Leung)

It is like walking into a dreamland. Dozens of stone houses are built among silvergrass, across the top of Sunset Peak at Lantau Island.

These stone houses have more than 90 years of history, but even local Hong Kong people cannot tell the stories behind them.

Lantau Mountain Camp in The Cloud at Sunset Peak| 雲海 | 爛頭營 | 大東石室
Lantau Mountain Camp in The Cloud (Photo by Chensong)

It is said that the houses were built by British missionaries for camping purpose. At first, they wanted to choose Tai Mo Shan and Saddle Mountain / Ma On Shan, but it was either proved to be too difficult or they could not reach an agreement. At the end, they found Sunset Peak and really enjoyed their time here.

Lantau Mountain Camp at Sunset Peak| 爛頭營 | 大東石室
Lantau Mountain Camp and Silvergrass (Photo by Chensong)

Afterwards, they started to build infrastructures and strengthen the building materials. A dining hall was built and even postage service was available for a short period of time! Sound like a small ancient tribe, isn’t it?

Nowadays, these stone houses on Sunset Peak are locked and people cannot get in, but sometimes, people camp next to them to keep warm at night.

Next time when you are there, count how many houses there are, and try to identify which house was the dinning hall!

How to Get There:

Central (Pier No. 6) -> Take ferry to Mui Wo -> Lantau Trial Stage 1 -> Lantau Trial Stage 2 -> You’ll see the Mountain Camp on top of Sunset Peak

Chinese Translation:

Lantau Mountain Camp: 爛頭營/大東石室
Sunset Peak: 大東山
Lantau Island: 大嶼山
Tai Mo Shan: 大帽山
Saddle Mountain / Ma On Shan:馬鞍山
Mui Wo: 梅窩


  1. […] Sunset Peak on Lantau Trail is the best place to view sea of clouds. There are more than 20 stone houses (Lantau Mountain Camp) on top of Sunset Peak. Although people cannot get inside those houses, camping near them is a good way to stay away from wind and cold. But please keep in mind that you can only camp on the designated areas required by the government. So take your own risk before you go. […]

  2. please dont camp on them we own one and all of the roofs are fragile and will soon collapse if people keep camping on them thanks

  3. Just saw your comment of Jan 2018 about the stone houses at Sunset Peak. I first walked by them in Nov 1964 and have known several of the missionary families who spent wonderful holidays there, including the Dr Moores and Don Ady. Is it still possible to rent one of the houses?
    Geoff Emerson

    • Hi Geoffrey, I don’t think so. All the doors are locked and sealed. I have been to the Sunset Peak several times but I never saw anyone living inside.

  4. You can still rent the cabins if you want to, they are all owned privately NO. 18 has a website painted on the side and you can contact NO. 15 owner through email if you’re still interested leave a comment

    • I would love to get the contact details of the owner of No.15 as I want to visit. I was born in Hong Kong and my parents mission society use to own No. 15 and we spent many happy summers climbing the big rock just outside the cabin and swimming in the pool, just use to complain that it was too far from the mess!

    • May I have the contact of the owner please? I had been camped there once longer time ago, would love to do it again inside the cabin if im blessed enough 🙂

  5. Does anyone have the website/ contact details for House No. 15 and No. 18? We would really love to stay there for a couple of weeks. Kindly reply. Thanks so much in advance!