Sea of Clouds around Lantau Peak

Sea of Clouds at Lantau Peak
Sea of Clouds at Lantau Peak (Photo by Chensong)

“This is not Hong Kong!” This is almost what everyone says when they saw this picture. Yes, this is the Hong Kong less traveled.

Lantau Peak with a height of 934 m above sea level, is the highest mountain in Lantau Island, the second highest point in Hong Kong. The picture was taken on top of Sunset Peak or Tai Tung Shan, the third highest peak in Hong Kong.

In spring when the humidity is high, it is common to see the sea of clouds in Hong Kong, even near the center of the city.

How to Get There

Please read: Lantau Peak

Chinese Translation

Lantau Peak: 鳳凰山
Sunset Peak: 大東山


  1. A very informative piece, there isn’t many articles on such expedition. I am going to HK in June, I was thinking of trying out a Lantau odyssey myself. Is there any things I need to look out for? Like bad weather? Any tips?

  2. good and informative page. we group of people planned for hiking, need yur suggestions to which one will be the best on December month and what will be good time to start from north point hong kong, like to be above clouds 🙂

  3. Hi. This web is great, thank you. Can I ask how long can take to one beginner to climb this mountain ? I really wanna do this, just not sure if I won’t die in the middle 😀
    Please let me know how can get myself well prepared. The only water and food available will be the one I pack with me ? Can I have running shoes ? Sorry, I know this questions might seem silly to any advanced hiker 😀

    • Hi Sabrina, normally, it takes about 2 hours to reach the peak of Lantau Peak. In summer, please take enough water and food with you. There is no supply if you start climbing. The router is quite mature and you can climb with a ordinary running shoes. Don’t worry. It is not that difficult as you think 🙂

  4. Thanks for your site Chensong!
    Quick question: around the whole Lantau Trail, how do I find where there is water and food – or would I have to carry enough for the full circuit?

    • Hi Max, Lantau Trail is far away from the city, so you can hardly find retail stores or vending machines, unless you visit some well-known tourist attractions like the Big Buddha and Tai O Village. Therefore, always bring enough water and food if you want to hike on Lautau Trail!