Silver Mine Bay

Silver Mine Bay at Mui Wo (梅窩銀鑛灣)
Silver Mine Bay seen from Lin Fa Shan (Photo by Chensong)

Most hikers come to Lantau Island to conquer the Twin Peak (Lantau Peak and Sunset Peak). Although they are the highest mountains in Lantau Island, people can hardly see the Silver Mine Bay because it is blocked by Lin Fa Shan, the 6th highest hill in Hong Kong.

Lin Fa Shan is ignored by most people, but the scene on the east side of the peak will not let you down. You can take pictures on huge rocks and enjoy the bird view of Silver Mine Bay and Mui Wo Ferry Pier.


How to Get There:

Central MTR Station -> Central Ferry Pier No. 6 -> Walk along South Lantau Road (Lantau Trail Stage 1) -> Climb uphill into Nam Sham (Lantau Trail Stage 2) -> Turn right at Sheung Tung Au (before you reach Yi Tung Shan) -> You can see Lin Fa Shan in front of you


Chinese Translation:

Lin Fa Shan:蓮花山
Silver Mine Bay:銀鑛灣
Mui Wo:梅窩
South  Lantau Island:嶼南道
Nam Shan: 南山
Sheung Tung Au: 雙東坳
Yi Tung Shan:二東山


  1. hello
    The picture you took from Lin Fa shan is amazing! I am going to HK tomorrow, may you please let me know how to get there? I hardly find the information on internet.

    Thank you so much for your help in advance.