Kau Nga Ling

Kau Nga Ling at Launtau Peak | 鳳凰山狗牙嶺
Kau Nga Ling (Photo by Chensong)

Other than Nam She Tsim (Sharp Peak), Kau Nga Ling is one of the 5-star challenging hiking trails in Hong Kong.

Kau Nga Ling is actually a branch range of Lantau Peak located at the east of Shek Pik Reservoir.”Kau Nga Ling” literally means the “hill of dogs’ teeth” due to its thin and rugged mountain ridge.

There are 3 paths to reach the peak of Kau Nga Ling: West Kau Nga, Mid Kau Nga and East Kau Nga. West Kau Nga features the most beautiful ridge. Mid Kau Nga is the most tiring one because hikers need to go ups and downs several times before reaching the peak. East Kau Nga is relatively easy due to its smooth escalation.

The most challenging spot is at the junction of West Kau Nga and Mid Kau Nga, called “a slim chance of survival”, where hikers encounter a short cliff and experience a most 90-degrees drop.

After passing the peak of Kau Nga Ling, the nightmare is not still not over. After a 15-min descent, you are in front of a 60-degree Yama’s Wall, a final test of your courage and stamina after such a long hike.

The top of the Yama’s Wall connects to Tsam Chai Au (810m) on Lantau Trail. Hikers can either turn right and follow the stone path to reach Lantau Peak (934m), or turn left and follow the trail downhill to Ngong Ping.

How to get there:

West Kau Nga and Mid Kau Nga:

MTR Tung Chung Station -> Lantau Bus No. 11 -> Exit at Shek Pik Reservoir Station -> Walk back along Keung Shan Road and South Lantau Road for about 10 mins -> Turn left into the Tong Fuk Catchwater -> Walk across the stone bridge over the catchwater -> Follow Shek Pik Country Trail -> Turn right when you see some colored ribbon (Mid Kau Nga) or a warning message (West Kau Nga)

Chinese Translation

Nam She Tsim: 蚺蛇尖
Kau Nga Ling: 狗牙嶺
Yama’s Wall: 閻王壁
Lantau Trail: 鳳凰徑
Lantau Peak: 鳳凰山
Ngong Ping: 昂平