Feral Cattle in Country Parks

Feral Cattle Feral Cows on Tai Mo Shan 野牛 流浪牛
Feral Cattle on Tai Mo Shan (Photo by Brian H.Y)

Hong Kong people call these feral cattle “stray cattle”. Nowadays, there are around 100 buffaloes and 900 cattle in Hong Kong, walking around Lantau Island, Shing Mun Reservoir and Sai Kung, where it is rich in water and grass.

The “stray cattle” are usually abandoned by farmers who do not farm any more. When they wander the country parks, their faeces nurture the plants and build living environment for amphibians and birds.

Hong Kong cattle are mild and easygoing, and usually do not attack people even if tourists get very close to them. It is hard to imagine wild animals can get along with humans so well in such a modern city.

But on the other side, these wild animals also cause noise and hygiene problem when they enter humans’ territories and “disturb” local people’s lives.

In June 2013, 8 feral cows were killed in a hit and run in Lantau Island. It is considered as a suspicion of cruelty to animals rather than a traffic accident of overspeed.

Chinese Translation:

Stray Cattle: 流浪牛
Lantau Island: 大嶼山
Shing Mun Reservoir: 城門水塘
Sai Kung: 西貢