Bride’s Pool Waterfall

Bride's Pool Waterfall Mirror in the Morning | 船灣大美督新娘潭瀑布倒影
Bride’s Pool Waterfall (Photo by Yip Ho Fai 一毫子)

Bride’s Pool is a well-known scenic spot near Tai Mei Tuk in Plover Cove Country Park. Hikers can find 15-meter high Bride’s Pool Waterfall, Mirror Pool and some nature trails nearby. The Bride’s Pool is crystal clear, so it is a very popular place in summer and for swimmers.

Bride's Pool Waterfall | 船灣大美督新娘潭瀑布
Bride’s Pool Waterfall (Photo by Yip Ho Fai 一毫子)

Legend has it that a bride fell into the pool and drowned on her way to to meet her groom in a rainy day. In ancient Chinese custom, on the wedding day, a bride sits in a sedan and four porters carry her from her home to her husband’s home for the wedding ceremony. The tragedy happened when one porter slipped near the pool and the sedan tumbled. Anyway, it is just a Chinese legend.

Bride's Pool Nature Trail | 船灣大美督新娘潭自然教育徑
Bride’s Pool Nature Trail (Photo by Yip Ho Fai 一毫子)

Nowadays, it is said that the bride’s ghost still haunts around the pool and people can see her foot in the water. (It is indeed a lovely place. I wish it won’t scare you away.)

How to Get There:

Tai Po Market Station MTR Station -> Bus 75K or 20C -> Tai Mei Tuk -> taxi to Bride’s Pool


Tai Po Market Station MTR Station -> Bus 275R (Weekend only) -> Bride’s Pool

Chinese Translation:

Bride’s Pool: 新娘潭
Mirror Pool:照鏡潭
Tai Mei Tuk: 大美督/大尾督
Plover Cove Country Park:船灣郊野公園