Rain Pavilion Shelter

Pavilion Rain Shelter at Lion Rock Hill
Rain Pavilion Shelter at Lion Rock Hill (Photo by Chensong)

On the old hiking trails, there are a few rain shelters made of wood. These pavilion shelters were built in 1970s and renovated in 1990s for hikers to take a rest and stay away from stormy weather on the wild trails.

The rain shelter in the picture is located on the Lion Rock Old Trail, which was once the hub connecting New Territories and Kowloon when the Lion Rock Tunnel was not built. Take a moment to sit inside the wood pavilion and imagine the flow of traffic in front you in the old days.

Nowadays, hikers can find it near the Reunification Pavilion on Maclehose Trail Stage 5. The couplet on the pillars of the shelter says: “Karma brings you to this place. Enjoy yourself in the hills.