Dragon Diving into the Sea

Rock Strata, Dragon Diving into the Sea at Tung Ping Chau
Dragon Diving into the Sea at Tung Ping Chau (Photo by Chensong)

At the west coast of Tung Ping Chau, hikers can see an interesting geological phenomenon called “Dragon diving into the sea”. The white rock strata lying obliquely on the coast looks like the backbone of a dragon and extends from the coast into the sea.

It is actually caused by differential weathering between rock strata consisting mostly of quartz and surrounding weak rocks. The hard and white rock strata is more resistant to weathering than the surrounding rocks, so the less-resistant dark rock strata were eroded first and broken in the stormy and torrential coastal environment, leaving the most resistant white rock strata extending from the shore into the sea.

How to Get There

MTR University Station -> Exit B -> Walk to Ma Liu Shui Pier (15 mins) -> Take ferry to Tung Ping Chau (1 hour and 40 mins) -> Follow the Ping Chau Country Trail

Ferry Schedule:

Ma Liu Shui Pier -> Tung Ping Chau: Sat 9am, 3:30pm; Sun 9am

Tung Ping Chau -> Ma Liu Shui Pier: Sat, Sun, 5:15pm

Chinese Translation

Tung Ping Chau: 東平洲
Dragon diving into sea / Lung Lok Shui: 龍落水
Ma Liu Shui Pier: 馬料水碼頭


  1. I want to go there pls. Is there any requirements to take ferry to tung ping chau?? Or just pay ticket with octopus.