Volcanic Eruption

Volcanic Eruption at Sharp Peak, Hong Kong
Volcanic Eruption at Sharp Peak (Photo by Chensong)

You can tell the “volcano” is fake. Sharp Peak is a tough hiking trail in Sai Kung Country Park for professional hikers. In clear weather, people can see the sharp peak from almost every angle in the east of Sai Kung.

The real volcano in Hong Kong actually died millions of years ago, left thousands of hexagonal volcanic rocks along the coastline in Hong Kong Global Geopark. The most popular spots to see those grand volcanic rocks are High Island Geo Trail, Fa Shan and Ninepin Islands.

Please visit Hong Kong Global Geopark of China’s official site for more information.

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  1. Whoa, cool picture man! I’ve never really thought of Hong Kong as a place to hike but I’m glad I found out otherwise. Are there any long distance trails? Or places to do overnight backpacking trips? Cheers.