Folding Screen Buildings

Tung Chung and Hong Kong International Airport
Screen-like Buildings (Photo by Brian H.Y)

You can get a bird view of Tung Chung and Hong Kong International Airport near Por Kai Shan. I know the sunset is pretty, but you can view it elsewhere. Now let’s focus on the screen-like 50- to 70-storey buildings standing in front of you, which can be found in cities with a high population density.

After the Hong Kong International Airport was relocated from the center of the city to Lantau Island, the restriction of the height of the buildings was removed. Therefore, to fight for a wide angle of sea view on seafront sites, most real estate developers try to grab as much space in the sky as possible. Such “wall effect” not only hides the beautiful skyline in the city, but also blocks air circulation and leads to an urban heat island.

Chinese Translation:

Por Kai Shan: 婆髻山
Folding Screen Buildings:屏風樓