Long Ke Wan

Long Ke Wan at Sai Kung
Long Ke Wan (Photo by Chensong)

Long Ke Wan (浪茄灣), located at east Sai Kung and facing the South China Sea, is no doubt the most beautiful beach in Hong Kong. Its silky white sand and crystal clear water creates a perfect spot for peace seeking hikers. Surrounded by a cape called Tsang Pang Kok and two hills called Cheung Ngam Teng and Biu Tsim Kok, the beach is an official campsite designated by the government and was selected as the “Hong Kong Best 10 Scenic Sites“. Most travel magazines compare Long Ke Wang with Maldives.

To get to Long Ke Wan, take Bus 94 at Sai Kung or 96R at Diamond Hill MTR bus station and get off at Pak Tam Chung stop. And then follow the signpost of Maclehose Trail Stage 1 and walk along the Man Yee Road. At the end of the road is the High Island Reservoir Geo Trail and East dam. Follow the small path at the end of East dam to Long Ke Wan.

Or take a taxi at Sai Kung Town Center to the East dam (around HK$100), and walk 30 mins to Long Ke Wan.


  1. Thank you very much about your detail information.
    Then can i know is there any hotel (guest-house) near Long Ke Wan or Sai Wan ??
    If no, can i set-up Tent at there ?? Can i cook at there ??

  2. “Follow the small path at the end of East dam to Long Ke Wan.”

    1.May I know if there is a sign at the small path that lead to Long Ke Wan?
    2. The 30 mins walk to Long Ke Wan from East Dam is suitable for elderly(50+ yrs old) with normal fitness?