Pak Lap Wan Beach

Pak Lap Wan Beach 白腊灣沙灘
Pak Lap Wan Beach (Photo by Stephen Duddridge)
Sunset in Pak Lap Wan Beach at Sai Kung 日落西貢白腊灣
Sunset in Pak Lap Wan (Photo by Stephen Duddridge)

A city known for its harbor front has many hidden jewels along its coast line. One of those that is being well looked after and becoming more accessible is Pak Lap Wan. Rated in the top ten beaches, it has more than a protected harbor and white sand beach to offer.

The location has both hostels (Hk$ 300-800 per night) and campsite close by.  You won’t find a 7/11 in site but the good news is there is a store at the Pak Tam Chung parking lot/bus terminus.  The country park at Pak Lap Wan beach has been restored by an environmental group who has opened not only a restaurant with dishes made of locally grown organic food but also rents out paddle boats of different types.  For $HK100 a day for rental is more than fair to explore the coast line in the protected harbor.  The water is excellent for swimming but no lifeguards nor shark nets are provided.

It’s also an excellent place to eat or cool off with a swim after enjoying a day of hiking around the area.  Mok Min Cave a.k.a Tung Kok Cave is only a 30 min climb to Tung Sam Kok Peninsular.  Much of this area is excellent for shooting the bays and scattered islands.  For photographers it would be excellent for shooting stars and sunrises.  As I spent the day on the beach with my son I will be coming back to explore this natural side of Hong Kong that many escape the bustle of the city to enjoy.

How to Get There:

It used to be only accessible via boat when the seas are calm, a couple of hours hike along Maclehose Trail – Stage1 from Pak Tam Chung or taxi service (from Sai Kung Ferry Pier roughly $118HK or Pak Tam Chung Parking lot a little over $50HK) along Sai Kung Man Yee Road with about a 10 – 15 min walk down to the beach.  One can get the 94 from Sai Kung to Pak Tam Chung or 96R from Diamond Hill to Pak Tam Chung. There is a taxi stand at Pak Tam Chung but come with a few phone numbers with you and keep trying if you don’t get through the first time.  Don’t be surprised if you run across highway of cows on the trail down to the beach.

Chinese Translation:

Pak Lap Wan:白腊灣
Pak Tam Chung:北潭涌
Mok Min Cave: 木棉洞
Tung Kok Cave:東角洞
Man Yee Road: 萬宜路

Other Contacts:

For photography tours of the area contact and photos from all over Hong Kong available for purchase at Lapse of Time HK is a leading provider of time-lapse footage in Hong Kong including Blu-ray release called “This Is Hong Kong”.


  1. Thanks for your introduction of Pak Lap Wan! We’re planning a yacht voyage there soon but we don’t have a speedboat to get onto the beach from the sea.

    I read in your article that there’s a “paddle boat” rental, may I know how to contact that environmental group pls?

    You advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi Wendy, you can just google “boat rental in hk” and find some companies that offer the service. Or you can go and see if you can rent a craft in the Water Sports Centres of Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

  2. My son has just been there. Beach is polluted, he was told not to swim or snorkel in the water which is full of oil and plastic anyway. Pack of wild dogs ripped a boar apart. He said it was teeming with roaches and full of rubbish just thrown away all over the place. Seems to have gone downhill somewhat compared to the publicity pics!

  3. Good morning!!
    Would appreciate your help , we are playing to go for Kayaking this weekend here and would like to explore caves around.
    Please can you guide us.