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Tathong Channel and Dragon's Back Best Urban Hiking Trail by Asiaweek
Lying inside the Shek O Country Park and facing Tathong Channel, Dragon's Back (part of the Hong Kong Trail Stage 8) was selected as the best urban hiking trail by Time Asia Magazine in 2004. The "Dragon" got its name from the trail's ups and downs between Shek O Peak and Wan Cham Shan. Hikers can enjoy the grand view...
Sunset at Victoria Harbor seen from Braemar Hill 寶馬山觀維維日落
Braemar Hill, named after a Scottish village, is mainly a residential area between North Point and Quarry Bay in Hong Kong Island. Part of the hill is within the Tai Tam Country Park (Quarry Bay Extension), near Wilson Trail Stage 2 and Hong Kong Trail Stage 5. It is considered as an upper-class neighborhood area since 1960s. Near the hilltop,...
Fog in Spring (Lohas Park seen from Lei Yue Mun) 香港春霧 (從鯉魚門看日出康城)
In spring, Hong Kong is quite humid. At this time of year, cold air from north gradually recedes and warm air comes in from the sea. However, water near the coast is still very cold, which cools down the air near the ground. Water vapor may condense into tiny water droplets and reduce the visibility near the horizon. We...
Tai Tau Chau at Shek O | 石澳大頭洲
Shek O is a popular place in Hong Kong Island for swimmers, barbecue lovers and Cantopop music video shooting. It is surrounded by South China Sea, Big Wave Bay and Cape D'Aguilar Peninsula. Tai Tau Chau connects to Shek O through a tombolo. But hikers do not need to worry about the tide because a blue Lover's Bridge was built...
Whale Bone at The Swire Institute of Marine Science (SWIMS), Cape d'Aguilar Peninsula
The whale bone at The HKU Swire Institute of Marine Science is the landmark of Cape d'Aguilar Peninsula, located at the southern tip of Hong Kong Island. It is the 1st marine reserve area in Hong Kong where commercial fishing and any recreational activities are strictly prohibited. The coastline of Cape d'Aguilar includes a variety of intertidal and shallow subtidal habitats...
Kau Pei Chau (狗髀洲) is located to the south of Cape D'Aguilar Marine Reserve (鶴咀海岸保護區), and the most southeast corner of Hong Kong Island. It is only around 50 meters from the D'Aguilar Peninsula, but since the peninsula extends quite further into the sea, the island is hit by big waves all day. There is nobody living on Kau...
Dragon's Back (龍脊)
Dragon's Back is no doubt the best-known hiking trail in Hong Kong. Many travel magazines have it covered. But it is no doubt not the most beautiful one, even not among the TOP 10. The reasons why people like it so much are 1. it is in Hong Kong Island, where most rich people live. 2. it is very close...
Big Wave Bay, or Tai Long Wan, is located at the end of Hong Kong Trail. It is time to take a little walk on the beach and let the nature wash away all your tiredness and leave your worries behind. To your left, you can find a little path leading to a rock carving landscape. The carving was made by...
Hong Kong Satellite Earth Station
Standing at Cape D'Aguilar Marine Reserve (鶴咀海岸保護區), people can see Stanley Peninsula / Chek Chue (赤柱半島) just a few miles a away and the "radar stations" on top of the hill quite stand out from the background. This is actually AsiaSat's Stanley Earth Station. Six antennas serve as a backup system to the Tai Po Earth Station in New Territories....
Tai Tam Reservoir Group | 大潭水塘
Tai Tam Reservoir Group is a group of reservoirs located in the Tai Tam Country Park. The Reservoir Group was built between 1888 and 1917 to supply fresh water to the increasing population in Hong Kong and also brought up the the economy in the east of Hong Kong Island. Hikers can follow Hong Kong Trail Stage 6 or Tai Tam...


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