IFC and ICC at Victoria Harbor

IFC and ICC at Victoria Harbor
IFC and ICC at Victoria Harbor (Photo by Paul Chen)

IFC (International Finance Centre) Tower 2 was the tallest building in Hong Kong before 2011 and a landmark of Hong Kong. Quoted as having 88 storeys, the highrise is designed to accommodate financial institutions, such as Bank of America, BNP, UBS, Standard Chartered Bank, etc.

ICC (International Commerce Centre) is currently the world’s fifth tallest building and the tallest building in Hong Kong (484m). The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is located at its 118th floor and is the highest hotel in the world.

IFC and ICC are located at the two sides of Victoria Harbour. In ancient Chinese myth, they look like Niulang (literally, the cowherd) and Zhinv (literally, the weavergirl) separated by the Milky Way (Victoria Harbour).

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