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Sea of Clouds at Lantau Peak | 鳳凰山雲海
Believe it or not, it is Hong Kong! In Hong Kong, sea of clouds usually appear in mountains 800m above sea level in winter and spring. You do not have too many choices and these mountains are: Tai Mo Shan (934m), Lantau Peak (934m), Sunset Peak (869m). There is a driveway to the top of Tai Mo Shan on Maclehose Trail....
Rainy Season in Shing Mun Reservoir 城門水塘雨季
There are 3 hiking trails around the Shing Mun Reservoir (or Jubilee Reservoir), i.e. Maclehose Trail Stage 7, Wilson Trail Stage Stage 7 and Pineapple Dam Nature Trail. Here hikers can experience two extremes of nature: in the rainy season, when the water level is high, trees are immersed in the water. In the dry season, hikers can walk closer...
Monkey Hill (a.k.a. Kam Shan) is located between Shatin and Sham Shui Po. Walking along Golden Hill Road, in between Shek Lei Pui Reservoir and Kownloon Reservoir, you can see lots of macaque monkeys running on the road, trees, bus stops, dams, trash cans, and chasing, fighting and mating with each other. There are about 2100 macaque monkeys in Hong...
Sha Tin Hoi, Tolo Harbour, Ma On Shan
Sha Tin Hoi is at the mouth of Shing Mun River and between Ma Liu Shui and Ma On Shan. Shatin District is the most populous area in Hong Kong and built mostly on reclaimed land in Sha Tin Hoi. 65% of the residents here live in public rental housing. The Chinese University of Hong Kong was originally built along...
Going downhill from Tai Mo Shan, hikers can enjoy the stunning views of 6 bridges across the Rambler Channel (a.k.a. Tsing Yi Channel) and busy container terminals. The most outstanding one is Stonecutters’ Bridge (1.6 km) that connects Tsing Yi Island and Stonecutters Island. The Stonecutters Island is now actually annexed to the Kowloon peninsula after the land reclamation by the Hong...
Maclehose Trail, the longest hiking trail (100km), starts at Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung, across most of the New Territories, ends at Tuen Mun in the west of Hong Kong. This is where everything about hiking in Hong Kong starts. The amazing nature, the wonderful hiking trails, and the endless paths in this little city. Follow me to explore the...
Tai Mo Shan (大帽山), located at the center of New Territories, is the highest peak (957m) in Hong Kong. On a clear day even Lantau and its adjacent islands can be seen.
Chong Hing Water Sports Centre (創興水上活動中心)
Standing on the West Dam of High Island Reservoir (萬宜水庫), you can see  sailing boats and kayaks on your right in an artificial lake. It is the Chong Hing Water Sports Center (創興水上活動中心) and it offers a magnificent view of the countryside. The Center is also a wonderful place for day and tent camping. Campers can feast their eyes on...


High Island Reservoir
You will see a "fort" at the west side of High Island Reservoir (萬宜水庫) on Maclehose Trail Stage 1. Not sure how it functions. Leave a comment if you know.
Hexagonal Volcanic Rock at Fa Shan 花生萬柱海岸
The most spectacular rock wonder in Hong Kong can be seen on the east side of Fa Shan in southeast Sai Kung. Thousands of hexagonal rock columns are spread along the shore, demonstrating to us the formation of volcanic extrusive rocks 140 million years ago (Cretaceous). To get a perfect view of these rare natural prodigies, follow Maclehose Trail Stage...


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