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Sun Yat Sen's Mother - Elderly Lady Yang (孫中山母親墓)
Sun Yat-sen, the father of the Republic of China, was buried in Mount Zijin (Purple Mountain) in Nanjing, China. But where was his mother buried? There is very little information about this great woman. As the foremost pioneer of Republic of China, Sun is referred to as the Father of the Nation. Sun's notability and popularity extends beyond the great...
Monkey Hill (a.k.a. Kam Shan), located inside Kam Shan Country Park is where you can get a close look at macaque monkeys in Hong Kong. Macaque monkeys become very aggressive when they see food on your hands. Do not get too close to the monkeys or let them smell anything delicious on you :)

Hebe Haven

Hebe Haven Habor| Pak Sha Wan at Sai Kung Peninsula| 西貢白沙灣
Hebe Haven, a.k.a. Pak Sha Wan, is a perfect harbor in Sai Kung for yachts and boats. The harbor is surrounded by a long peninsula extending from Tsiu Hang with only one opening to Port Shelter (a.k.a. Ngau Mei Hoi). Along the shore, there are all kinds of businesses related to boating and sailing, such as shipyards, Hebe Haven Yacht...
High Island Reservoir Full View (萬宜水庫全景)
On Maclehose Trail Stage 1, you are walking around half of the High Island Reservoir (萬宜水庫). On Sai Kung Man Yee Road, you can get a full view of the reservoir from different angles. In clear weather, the water is jewelry blue. High Island Reservoir is the largest reservoir in Hong Kong, holding water of approximately 273 million cubic meters....

Sharp Peak

View of Big Wave Bay on the way to Sharp Peak
With a height of 468 meters above sea level, Sharp Peak is not even among the Top 10 highest hills in Hong Kong, but it is definitely one of the most popular hiking trails for experienced hikers. Literally, Sharp Peak (a.k.a. Nam She Tsim) in Chinese means the hill of snakes, showcasing the unique curve of its ridge, also indicating...

Pak Lap Wan

Pak Lap Wan 白臘灣
On the southeast corner of High Island at Sai Kung lies Pak Lap Wan, a quiet beach facing Town Island. In the past, the High Island is a real island and people can only reach Pak Lap Wan by boat from Hong Kong Island, Kowloon or Sai Kung, but with the strong wind and waves in South China Sea, it is...
Sha Tin Hoi, Tolo Harbour, Ma On Shan
Sha Tin Hoi is at the mouth of Shing Mun River and between Ma Liu Shui and Ma On Shan. Shatin District is the most populous area in Hong Kong and built mostly on reclaimed land in Sha Tin Hoi. 65% of the residents here live in public rental housing. The Chinese University of Hong Kong was originally built along...
Going downhill from Tai Mo Shan, hikers can enjoy the stunning views of 6 bridges across the Rambler Channel (a.k.a. Tsing Yi Channel) and busy container terminals. The most outstanding one is Stonecutters’ Bridge (1.6 km) that connects Tsing Yi Island and Stonecutters Island. The Stonecutters Island is now actually annexed to the Kowloon peninsula after the land reclamation by the Hong...
Sea of Clouds at Lantau Peak | 鳳凰山雲海
Believe it or not, it is Hong Kong! In Hong Kong, sea of clouds usually appear in mountains 800m above sea level in winter and spring. You do not have too many choices and these mountains are: Tai Mo Shan (934m), Lantau Peak (934m), Sunset Peak (869m). There is a driveway to the top of Tai Mo Shan on Maclehose Trail....
Tai Chau and Tsim Chau at Sai Kung
"Snoopy Islands" consists of Tai Chau and Tsim Chau located at Big Wave Bay or Tai Long Wan at Sai Kung. It looks like a lying Snoopy when seen from Ham Tin Wan at the middle of Maclehose Trail Stage 2.


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