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High Island Reservoir seen from Tai She Teng 大蛇頂望萬宜水庫
Kwun Mun Channel originally separated the High Island from the Sai Kung Peninsula. But from 1971 to 1978, High Island Reservoir was built to supply fresh water to Hong Kong people. Its West Dam and East Dam connects High Island with the Sai Kung Peninsula, but it is still known for the 4th largest island in Hong Kong. According...
Chong Hing Water Sports Centre (創興水上活動中心)
Standing on the West Dam of High Island Reservoir (萬宜水庫), you can see  sailing boats and kayaks on your right in an artificial lake. It is the Chong Hing Water Sports Center (創興水上活動中心) and it offers a magnificent view of the countryside. The Center is also a wonderful place for day and tent camping. Campers can feast their eyes on...
Pavilion Rain Shelter at Lion Rock Hill
On the old hiking trails, there are a few rain shelters made of wood. These pavilion shelters were built in 1970s and renovated in 1990s for hikers to take a rest and stay away from stormy weather on the wild trails. The rain shelter in the picture is located on the Lion Rock Old Trail, which was once the hub connecting...
Standing at Yuen Ng Fan (南風灣), you can enjoy the dreamy seascapes of Kau Sai Chau (滘西洲) and Tai Tau Chau (大頭洲). There is a pavilion here beside the road. It is a good place to take a rest and have lunch.
Monkey Hill (a.k.a. Kam Shan), located inside Kam Shan Country Park is where you can get a close look at macaque monkeys in Hong Kong. Macaque monkeys become very aggressive when they see food on your hands. Do not get too close to the monkeys or let them smell anything delicious on you :)
Covering 4,477 hectares of uplands and coasts, Sai Kung East Country Park has the most amazing scenic spots of nature in Hong Kong, including Big Wave 4 Beaches, Long Ke Wan, High Island Reservoir, Sharp Peak, Hong Kong Global Geopark of China, Chek Keng, and rural villages.