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Ham Tin Wan, Tai Wan, Tung Wan, Tai Long Tsui at Sai Kung
Big Wave Bay at Sai Kung consists of 4 beaches: Tai Long Sai Wan, Ham Tin Wan, Tai Wan and Tung Wan. Together with the Sharp Peak located to the north of Tai Wan, this place is considered as one of the "4 Wonders in Hong Kong", and the best surfing and camping destination in summer. Maclehose Trail Stage 2 passes...
Tai Lam Chung Reservoir at Tai Lam Country Park 大欖郊野公園大欖涌水塘
Tai Lam Chung Reservoir was built between 1952 and 1957 in Tai Lam Country Park. To strengthen the structure, the reservoir is designated as the afforested area, and Maclehose Trail Stage 10 passes the north side of the reservoir. Therefore, it is not only a cool place to visit in summer, but also a very popular scenic spot to see...
Lion Rock seen from Lei Yue Mun | 鯉魚門望獅子山
Lion Rock Hill is a symbolic hill to Hong Kong people. There is a popular song and TV series called “Below the Lion Rock” made in 1970s, when Hong Kong was one of the Four Asian Tigers and the city maintained exceptionally high growth rates. The song “Below the Lion Rock” written by Wong Jim, is appreciating the hardworking spirit...
Pavilion Rain Shelter at Lion Rock Hill
On the old hiking trails, there are a few rain shelters made of wood. These pavilion shelters were built in 1970s and renovated in 1990s for hikers to take a rest and stay away from stormy weather on the wild trails. The rain shelter in the picture is located on the Lion Rock Old Trail, which was once the hub connecting...
Geo Trail at East Dam, High Island Reservoir 萬宜地質步道
High Island Geo Trail is a well-known bypass near the end of Maclehose Trail 1, where hikers can experience the wonders of nature about 140 million years ago. Volcanic activities left thousands of world-class hexagonal rock columns, sea caves and cut-away islands in east Sai Kung. The geological feature here is unique in China and indeed the world, thus it became...
Tai Mo Shan Observatory 大帽山天文臺
After conquering the exhausting Ma On Shan and Needle Hill, for every Oxfam Trailwalker, Tai Mo Shan is their ultimate challenge. 957m is the highest altitude on Maclehose Trail and hikers can enjoy the most stunning view in Hong Kong under good weather. After the peak of Tai Mo Shan, hikers descend all the way to around 100m to finish the...
Hexagonal Volcanic Rock at Fa Shan 花生萬柱海岸
The most spectacular rock wonder in Hong Kong can be seen on the east side of Fa Shan in southeast Sai Kung. Thousands of hexagonal rock columns are spread along the shore, demonstrating to us the formation of volcanic extrusive rocks 140 million years ago (Cretaceous). To get a perfect view of these rare natural prodigies, follow Maclehose Trail Stage...
Sea of Clouds at Lantau Peak | 鳳凰山雲海
Believe it or not, it is Hong Kong! In Hong Kong, sea of clouds usually appear in mountains 800m above sea level in winter and spring. You do not have too many choices and these mountains are: Tai Mo Shan (934m), Lantau Peak (934m), Sunset Peak (869m). There is a driveway to the top of Tai Mo Shan on Maclehose Trail....
Going downhill from Tai Mo Shan, hikers can enjoy the stunning views of 6 bridges across the Rambler Channel (a.k.a. Tsing Yi Channel) and busy container terminals. The most outstanding one is Stonecutters’ Bridge (1.6 km) that connects Tsing Yi Island and Stonecutters Island. The Stonecutters Island is now actually annexed to the Kowloon peninsula after the land reclamation by the Hong...
Big Bay / Tai Wan at Big Wave Bay 大灣
Big Wave Bay consists of 4 beaches on the east coast of Sai Kung Peninsula, i.e. Sai Wan (West Bay), Ham Tin Wan, Tai Wan (Big Bay) and Tung Wan (East Bay). Tai Wan (Big Bay) is a well-known place for surfing. Maclehose Trail hikers usually take a short break at Ham Tin Wan and eat beancurd jelly at the store...


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