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Sunday, April 5, 2020
Sea of Clouds at Lantau Peak | 鳳凰山雲海
Believe it or not, it is Hong Kong! In Hong Kong, sea of clouds usually appear in mountains 800m above sea level in winter and spring. You do not have too many choices and these mountains are: Tai Mo Shan (934m), Lantau Peak (934m), Sunset Peak (869m). There is a driveway to the top of Tai Mo Shan on Maclehose Trail....
The Heart Sutra on The Wisdom Path on Lantau Island | 心經簡林
The Heart Sutra is the best known Mahayana sutra. At 260 words, it summarizes the essence of the thoughts of Buddha and the secret of the universe and life. The Heart Sutra explains the philosophy of "emptiness". When one acquires the wisdom of "emptiness", he will realize the relationship between the physical world and mental world. The physical world is...
Lung Tsai Ng Yuen 龍仔悟園 at Lantau Trail near Keung Shan
Lung Tsai Ng Yuen is a secret garden built at West Lantau Island near Keung Shan at the end of Lantau Trail Stage 5. The land was bought by Mr Ng, a textile merchant, in 1962 with 2 million HKD as a private villa. And later a classical garden of Yangtze Delta was built on it. Mr Ng believed in Buddhism...

Kau Nga Ling

Kau Nga Ling at Launtau Peak | 鳳凰山狗牙嶺
Other than Nam She Tsim (Sharp Peak), Kau Nga Ling is one of the 5-star challenging hiking trails in Hong Kong. Kau Nga Ling is actually a branch range of Lantau Peak located at the east of Shek Pik Reservoir."Kau Nga Ling" literally means the "hill of dogs' teeth" due to its thin and rugged mountain ridge. There are 3 paths...
Tian Tan Buddha - Big Buddha, Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, HK
The bronze statue of Buddha Amoghasiddhi is quietly sitting on Ngong Ping highland in west Lantau Island. Erected in 1993, facing north (to China), the Big Buddha is 34 metres (112 feet) tall and the second tallest outdoor bronze seated Buddha in the world (The tallest one is Fo Guang Shan Buddha in Taiwan). Nowadays, the Big Buddha, together with Po...
Tai O Stilt Houses | 大澳棚屋 | 香港威尼斯
These dilapidated stilt houses in Tai O are built on waterway. Tai O is known as the "Venice of Hong Kong" and a hot tourist spot in Lantau Island. Villagers here lived upon fishing and salt production in the past and they believed it is not safe to live on land. The stilt houses were built close or even connected...


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