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IFC (International Finance Centre) Tower 2 was the tallest building in Hong Kong before 2011 and a landmark of Hong Kong. Quoted as having 88 storeys, the highrise is designed to accommodate financial institutions, such as Bank of America, BNP, UBS, Standard Chartered Bank, etc. ICC (International Commerce Centre) is currently the world's fifth tallest building and the tallest building...
Coastline Trekking at Town Island (Fo Tau Fan Chau)
Every year, there are many trail running events in Hong Kong, such as Oxfam Trailwalker on Maclehose Trails and Raleigh Challenge on Wilson Trails, in which hikers run for 70-100 km within a limited time for fundraising. Another challenging activity that some local Hong Kong outdoor fans love to try is trekking around the coastlines. The local term for it is...
Tung Chung and Hong Kong International Airport
You can get a bird view of Tung Chung and Hong Kong International Airport near Por Kai Shan. I know the sunset is pretty, but you can view it elsewhere. Now let's focus on the screen-like 50- to 70-storey buildings standing in front of you, which can be found in cities with a high population density. After the Hong Kong...
Periodic Table of Chemical Elements and Lake Ad Excellentiam 香港中文大學聯合理科實驗樓(元素週期表)和未圓湖
Among the 8 universities in Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong has the most beautiful campus. Lake Ad Excellentiam at Chung Chi College is only 2 mins walk from University MTR Station and almost every weekend, there are couples taking their wedding pictures around the lake. Half way up the hill stands the Run Run Shaw Science Building with many colorful...
Pavilion Rain Shelter at Lion Rock Hill
On the old hiking trails, there are a few rain shelters made of wood. These pavilion shelters were built in 1970s and renovated in 1990s for hikers to take a rest and stay away from stormy weather on the wild trails. The rain shelter in the picture is located on the Lion Rock Old Trail, which was once the hub connecting...
Old and New Green Island Lighthouses 新舊青洲燈塔
Situated on Green Island, a short distance off the west coast of Hong Kong Island, the Green Island Lighthouse Compound comprises two lighthouses, a former European quarters and a former keeper's house. Both Green Island Lighthouses have served thousands of vessels approaching Hong Kong from the west for many decades and have thus played an important role in Hong...
Ma On Shan (馬鞍山) is the 4th highest peak (702 metres) in Hong Kong. Together with Hunch Backs (牛押山), Ma On Shan gets its Chinese name from the saddle-shaped passes, known to hikers as the "head saddle" (The Ma On Shan main peak) and "end saddle" (the Hunch Backs). The northeastern slopes to the peak of Ma On Shan is...
Bride's Pool Nature Trail at Plover Cove Country Park | 船灣新娘潭自然教育徑
It is sweltering in Hong Kong's summer. With temperature above 33 degrees and humidity above 80%, people easily get dehydrated. TV news often has that hikers suffered from heatstroke and were taken to hospital by helicopter. Maclehose Trail is not a good option during this time of the year, as most of the trails are not covered by trees and...
Lion Rock seen from Lei Yue Mun | 鯉魚門望獅子山
Lion Rock Hill is a symbolic hill to Hong Kong people. There is a popular song and TV series called “Below the Lion Rock” made in 1970s, when Hong Kong was one of the Four Asian Tigers and the city maintained exceptionally high growth rates. The song “Below the Lion Rock” written by Wong Jim, is appreciating the hardworking spirit...
Sam Tung Uk Museum at Tsuen Wan | 荃灣三棟屋博物館
The Sam Tung Uk Museum, located at near Tsuen Wan MTR Station, was converted from a 200-year old Hakka walled village founded by a Chan clan who settled in Hong Kong in the 18th century. The clansmen acquired land along the seashore on which the village was built in 1786. According to the geomantic system of China, the site was...


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