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USS Boxer LHD-4 at Victoria Harbor Hong Kong | 水陸兩棲突擊艦USS Boxer(LHD4)
Once in a while, Hong Kong people have a chance to take a close look at grand naval vessels in the world-famous Victoria Harbor. Most of the times, these warships come to Hong Kong routinely just to restock their supplies or for regular maintenance. Their stopover usually bring a lot of business to the bars and clubs at Lan Kwai...
Fishponds at Yuen Long seen from Ah Kai Shan 丫髻山
Ah Kai Shan is located at Yuen Long, northwest of New Territories. With an altitude of 121m, Ah Kai Shan separates Yuen Long Industrial Estate and Tin Shui Wai New Town. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj7CXUkc5_Y Video by Joseph Fung Standing on top of the hill, hikers can see hundreds of fishponds around Nam Sang Wai, Mai Po Nature Reserve and Shenzhen in China. There are lots of...
Hakka Village at Lai Chi Wo in Double Heaven
Lai Chi Wo is a Hakka Village located at the west coast of Yan Chau Tong Marine Park. Most Hakka villages in Hong Kong were built on hillsides. Typically backing onto dense fung shui woods, these rural settlements have crop fields in the front to serve as sunning grounds and venues for village activities. Further up are ponds, where fish...
Hong Kong Heritage Walks
Three Hong Kong Travel Apps There are a number of free apps that can help travelers navigate around Hong Kong. If you're visiting Hong Kong for just a short time, these mobile apps can make the most out of your stay by showing you spots and shops that are worth visiting. Smartgagets have truly become essential tools in a traveler’s life....
Hong Kong Satellite Earth Station
Standing at Cape D'Aguilar Marine Reserve (鶴咀海岸保護區), people can see Stanley Peninsula / Chek Chue (赤柱半島) just a few miles a away and the "radar stations" on top of the hill quite stand out from the background. This is actually AsiaSat's Stanley Earth Station. Six antennas serve as a backup system to the Tai Po Earth Station in New Territories....
Ships at Victoria Harbour, Deep Water Ports at Hong Kong | 維港深水港
Victoria Harbor, located between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula, provides a natural shelter and deep waters (30-40m) for all types of vessels. Watching hundreds of ships coming and leaving on Victoria Harbor reminds people of what this modern city has suffered 170 years ago. Back in 1842, the Qing navy was defeated by the British Royal Navy in the First...
Old and New Green Island Lighthouses 新舊青洲燈塔
Situated on Green Island, a short distance off the west coast of Hong Kong Island, the Green Island Lighthouse Compound comprises two lighthouses, a former European quarters and a former keeper's house. Both Green Island Lighthouses have served thousands of vessels approaching Hong Kong from the west for many decades and have thus played an important role in Hong...
Fish Ponds at Tai Sang Wai 大生圍魚塘
Tai Sang Wai is located at Southwest of Yuen Long at New Territories. The area is filled with hundreds of fish ponds. Here tourists can experience the time when Hong Kong was still a small fishing village hundreds of years ago. To get there, hikers need to get to Fairview Park, a private residential estate, by shuttlebus. And then follow...
Pavilion Rain Shelter at Lion Rock Hill
On the old hiking trails, there are a few rain shelters made of wood. These pavilion shelters were built in 1970s and renovated in 1990s for hikers to take a rest and stay away from stormy weather on the wild trails. The rain shelter in the picture is located on the Lion Rock Old Trail, which was once the hub connecting...
Sunset at Lau Fau Shan 流浮山日落
  Lau Fau Shan is a small fishing village on Deep Bay in the west of New Territories. The place was well-known for cultivating oysters because it is close to the Pearl River (Zhujiang River) in China and got sufficient fresh water. Although lots of villagers have left here, people still can see hundreds of floating rafts on Deep Bay raising...


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