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Friday, December 6, 2019
Pandanus tectorius (a.k.a. "Wild Pineapple" in Chinese) can be widely seen in outlying islands and along coastlines in Hong Kong, such as Tung Ping Chau, Grass Island and Wong Chuk Kok. It grows wild mainly in semi­-natural vegetation in littoral habitats throughout the tropical and subtropical Pacific, where it can withstand drought, strong winds, and salt spray. It propagates readily...
Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance at Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
It is said that a few days before the Mid-Autumn Festival in 1880, a typhoon hit the Tai Hang Village (大坑村) and then a python entered the Hakka village and ate their livestock. The next morning, the python disappeared, but a plague came afterwards and killed a few people. A soothsayer said the python was the son of the Sea...
Tai O Stilt Houses | 大澳棚屋 | 香港威尼斯
These dilapidated stilt houses in Tai O are built on waterway. Tai O is known as the "Venice of Hong Kong" and a hot tourist spot in Lantau Island. Villagers here lived upon fishing and salt production in the past and they believed it is not safe to live on land. The stilt houses were built close or even connected...
Old and New Green Island Lighthouses 新舊青洲燈塔
Situated on Green Island, a short distance off the west coast of Hong Kong Island, the Green Island Lighthouse Compound comprises two lighthouses, a former European quarters and a former keeper's house. Both Green Island Lighthouses have served thousands of vessels approaching Hong Kong from the west for many decades and have thus played an important role in Hong...

Ma Wan

Floating Fishing Rafts at Tam Shui Wan and Shek Tsai Wan | 淡水灣和石仔灣的漁排
Ma Wan is just a small island in Hong Kong between Lantau Island and Tsing Yi Island, but it is definitely worth visiting during your stay here. Originally, Ma Wan's infrastructure was not very well developed, but thanks to the establishment of the new Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau Link which links the airport with the city center passes through...
Ng Tung Chai Waterfall 梧桐寨瀑布
Nu Tung Chai Waterfall is the best-known and biggest waterfall in Hong Kong. Located at the northern side of Tai Mo Shan, it is also one of the most popular retreats from the hustle and bustle of the city in summer. Clear signposts will guide tourists to reach the series of streams and waterfalls. Nu Tung Chai Waterfall consists of...
The Bun Scrambling Competition (搶包山) at Cheung Chau Island has been one of the most representative traditional festive events in Hong Kong, which is also the highlight of the weeklong event Cheung Chau Bun Festival (包山嘉年華). Participants first stand at the bottom of the conical bun tower and then scramble up to get as many buns as possible within 3 minutes....
Hong Kong Wetland Park - Bird Watching | 香港濕地公園觀鳥
Hong Kong is primarily known to be a shopper’s paradise, but it has much more to offer than trendy boutiques and charismatic street markets. Fused with Asian and European cultures, most people don’t see Hong Kong beyond its metropolitan area. By traveling past the city center, you'll encounter a lot of scenic and quaint spots that even residents may...
Bride's Pool Nature Trail at Plover Cove Country Park | 船灣新娘潭自然教育徑
It is sweltering in Hong Kong's summer. With temperature above 33 degrees and humidity above 80%, people easily get dehydrated. TV news often has that hikers suffered from heatstroke and were taken to hospital by helicopter. Maclehose Trail is not a good option during this time of the year, as most of the trails are not covered by trees and...
Feng Shui of IFC at Hong Kong
Believe it or not, inside these most luxurious financial buildings are the most well-educated and smartest people in the world, but they are also the people believing in Feng Shui most deeply in the global Chinese society. Every element of the construction and office layout was built with the best Feng Shui principles, which are supposed to affect the owner's...


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