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Friday, August 23, 2019
Goldfish Wagging Tail 金魚擺尾 at Tiu Chung Chau (Jin Island)
There are two giant "fish" in Hong Kong. One is located at Cape d’Aguilar Peninsula, the south end of Hong Kong Island. It is a real whale bone specimen owned by The HKU Swire Institute of Marine Science. The "goldfish" in the picture above is hiding at Tiu Chung Chau (Jin Island), an outlying island in between Port Shelter and...
Coastline Trekking at Town Island (Fo Tau Fan Chau)
Every year, there are many trail running events in Hong Kong, such as Oxfam Trailwalker on Maclehose Trails and Raleigh Challenge on Wilson Trails, in which hikers run for 70-100 km within a limited time for fundraising. Another challenging activity that some local Hong Kong outdoor fans love to try is trekking around the coastlines. The local term for it is...
Tian Tan Buddha - Big Buddha, Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, HK
The bronze statue of Buddha Amoghasiddhi is quietly sitting on Ngong Ping highland in west Lantau Island. Erected in 1993, facing north (to China), the Big Buddha is 34 metres (112 feet) tall and the second tallest outdoor bronze seated Buddha in the world (The tallest one is Fo Guang Shan Buddha in Taiwan). Nowadays, the Big Buddha, together with Po...
Tung Chung and Hong Kong International Airport
You can get a bird view of Tung Chung and Hong Kong International Airport near Por Kai Shan. I know the sunset is pretty, but you can view it elsewhere. Now let's focus on the screen-like 50- to 70-storey buildings standing in front of you, which can be found in cities with a high population density. After the Hong Kong...
Hong Kong Dragon Boat at Tuen Ng Festival | 香港端午節龍舟嘉年華
The fun and excitement Chinese people are enjoying today at Tuen Ng Festival actually originates from a tragedy that occurred 2000 years ago. Qu Yuan, a Chinese poet, who lived in the State of Chu (around 300 BCE), committed suicide in Miluo river (in today's Hunan Province) as a form of protest against the corruption of the era and...
Hong Kong Satellite Earth Station
Standing at Cape D'Aguilar Marine Reserve (鶴咀海岸保護區), people can see Stanley Peninsula / Chek Chue (赤柱半島) just a few miles a away and the "radar stations" on top of the hill quite stand out from the background. This is actually AsiaSat's Stanley Earth Station. Six antennas serve as a backup system to the Tai Po Earth Station in New Territories....
IFC (International Finance Centre) Tower 2 was the tallest building in Hong Kong before 2011 and a landmark of Hong Kong. Quoted as having 88 storeys, the highrise is designed to accommodate financial institutions, such as Bank of America, BNP, UBS, Standard Chartered Bank, etc. ICC (International Commerce Centre) is currently the world's fifth tallest building and the tallest building...
Bride's Pool Nature Trail at Plover Cove Country Park | 船灣新娘潭自然教育徑
It is sweltering in Hong Kong's summer. With temperature above 33 degrees and humidity above 80%, people easily get dehydrated. TV news often has that hikers suffered from heatstroke and were taken to hospital by helicopter. Maclehose Trail is not a good option during this time of the year, as most of the trails are not covered by trees and...
Ships at Victoria Harbour, Deep Water Ports at Hong Kong | 維港深水港
Victoria Harbor, located between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula, provides a natural shelter and deep waters (30-40m) for all types of vessels. Watching hundreds of ships coming and leaving on Victoria Harbor reminds people of what this modern city has suffered 170 years ago. Back in 1842, the Qing navy was defeated by the British Royal Navy in the First...
Coastal Heritiera Forest and White-flowered Derris 銀葉古林和白花魚藤
The mudflat east of Lai Chi Wo Village is situated in an intertidal zone. Regularly submerged in water, the mud here is soft and wet. However, it is still drier than the seaside mudflats at low tide, and a few plant species can survive here. Coastal Heritiera is one of them. Coastal Heritiera is very rare in Hong Kong, but...


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