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Sheung Pak Nai, Ha Pak Nai 上白泥,下白泥
Pak Nai, subdivided into Sheung Pak Nai and Ha Pak Nai, is one of the best places to view sunset in Hong Kong. Facing Deep Bay (a.k.a. Shenzhen Wan), Pak Nai is covered by wetland and there are hundreds of rafts floating on the bay raising oysters and scallops. Sea creatures are kept in these sheltered areas until they grow up...
Hakka Village at Lai Chi Wo in Double Heaven
Lai Chi Wo is a Hakka Village located at the west coast of Yan Chau Tong Marine Park. Most Hakka villages in Hong Kong were built on hillsides. Typically backing onto dense fung shui woods, these rural settlements have crop fields in the front to serve as sunning grounds and venues for village activities. Further up are ponds, where fish...
Kap Shui Mun Bridge, Tsing Ma Bridge, Ting Kau Bridge and Tai Mo Shan seen from Fa Peng Teng | 從花瓶頂望汲水門大橋、青馬大橋、汀九橋、馬灣、大帽山
At Fa Peng Teng and Ng Kwu Leng near the Lantau Toll Plaza, hikers can get a perfect shot of Lantau Link, the infrastructures that link the city center to the airport. 1. Kap Shui Mun Bridge, over Kap Shui Mun marine channel, connects Ma Wan and Lantau Island. 2. Tsing Ma Bridge, named after the two islands at its ends, Tsing...
Hong Kong Dragon Boat at Tuen Ng Festival | 香港端午節龍舟嘉年華
The fun and excitement Chinese people are enjoying today at Tuen Ng Festival actually originates from a tragedy that occurred 2000 years ago. Qu Yuan, a Chinese poet, who lived in the State of Chu (around 300 BCE), committed suicide in Miluo river (in today's Hunan Province) as a form of protest against the corruption of the era and...
Fog in Spring (Lohas Park seen from Lei Yue Mun) 香港春霧 (從鯉魚門看日出康城)
In spring, Hong Kong is quite humid. At this time of year, cold air from north gradually recedes and warm air comes in from the sea. However, water near the coast is still very cold, which cools down the air near the ground. Water vapor may condense into tiny water droplets and reduce the visibility near the horizon. We...
Hong Kong Wetland Park - Bird Watching | 香港濕地公園觀鳥
Hong Kong is primarily known to be a shopper’s paradise, but it has much more to offer than trendy boutiques and charismatic street markets. Fused with Asian and European cultures, most people don’t see Hong Kong beyond its metropolitan area. By traveling past the city center, you'll encounter a lot of scenic and quaint spots that even residents may...
Lung Tsai Ng Yuen 龍仔悟園 at Lantau Trail near Keung Shan
Lung Tsai Ng Yuen is a secret garden built at West Lantau Island near Keung Shan at the end of Lantau Trail Stage 5. The land was bought by Mr Ng, a textile merchant, in 1962 with 2 million HKD as a private villa. And later a classical garden of Yangtze Delta was built on it. Mr Ng believed in Buddhism...
Po Toi O at Clear Water Bay Peninsula 布袋澳
Po Toi O literally means "a bay shaped like a sack". It is a small fishing village at the east of Clear Water Bay Country Park. Here hikers can discover the ancient ways of harvesting and production of sea food. Dozens of rafts are floating on the clear water, which keep fish in sheltered areas. Creatures that can obtain food from...
The Heart Sutra on The Wisdom Path on Lantau Island | 心經簡林
The Heart Sutra is the best known Mahayana sutra. At 260 words, it summarizes the essence of the thoughts of Buddha and the secret of the universe and life. The Heart Sutra explains the philosophy of "emptiness". When one acquires the wisdom of "emptiness", he will realize the relationship between the physical world and mental world. The physical world is...
USS Boxer LHD-4 at Victoria Harbor Hong Kong | 水陸兩棲突擊艦USS Boxer(LHD4)
Once in a while, Hong Kong people have a chance to take a close look at grand naval vessels in the world-famous Victoria Harbor. Most of the times, these warships come to Hong Kong routinely just to restock their supplies or for regular maintenance. Their stopover usually bring a lot of business to the bars and clubs at Lan Kwai...


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